Blacklist Crypto Faucets
Picture: Gerd Altmann - Pixabay

Warning. These services are scams!

Please never register here as a user, you will not get paid! Your invested time will be lost.

With this blacklist we want to protect all users and inform about black sheeps in the international crypto scene (faucets, ptc, etc.). Unfortunately, it happens again and again that "new" services are created, but the operators have no idea what is coming. Often masses of (new) members are recruited for the new service, but after a short time you don't hear, read or see anything from the founders anymore! Of course, this can also happen with older services in the scene, there are simply no exceptions, but the rule shows that new services are potentially more likely to suffer shipwreck than "old established" ones.

Blacklist Crypto Faucets

Of course, the user who clicked on several ads and possibly even invested money, effort and time to recruit friends and acquaintances for this service bears the damage.

The services, which are linked were once listed on, I would like to apologize to all users, who may have registered through my site at these services, you can be sure that I will try everything to avoid such black sheeps in the future on where it only goes!

Are Bitcoin Faucets a Scam? Or Are They Legitimate?