Quick guide to earn Bitcoins

Earning Bitcoin for free
Earning Crypto Currencies for free

We know you don't have the time or patience to read all of this, but we still want to start earning Bitcoins.
We therefore express ourselves in such a way that even total laymen can start immediately. To earn Bitcoins you first need a kind of bank (wallet service) and an account (wallet address)!

Then you need serious providers with a good cost-benefit ratio. In addition, you will have to deposit your account number with the providers so that you can transfer the Bitcoins.

Here is the quick start for all practitioners...

  1. Free registration at Coinbase (takes about 5-10 minutes) - Allows you to exchange Bitcoins into Euros/ Dollars and vice versa and to make transactions to your bank account.

  2. It is imperative that you link Coinbase to your bank account and/or to a PayPal account -> Settings -> Payment methods -> Add a payment method

  3. Now you need a wallet address (is to be compared with a bank account number), -> Settings -> Crypto Addresses -> Choose the Asset "Bitcoin (BTC)" from Dropdown -> Create new address  - Congratulation now you have your wallet address, this is your Bitcoin account number.

  4. We recommend you for the Start the best services like Cointiply, FaucetpayCoinpayu, adbtc or Freebitcoin.

  5. Congratulations you have made it! One more tip, we recommend you to claim max. 3-5 a day for the start, no more. Just add the services as bookmarks and have a look during the day. See how much time you spend clicking and if you get faster and even enjoy it after a few days, you can always sign up for more faucets. But be careful not to overdo it either!

  6. If you still haven't had enough, you can look around in our Faucet List and find more services to earn a lot of fun with the free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum... 
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Explanation to read:

Coinbase always serves you as a base. To start you can for example transfer money from your bank account or PayPal account to Coinbase and buy some Bitcoin (or other currencies), but it is not a must, don't worry. If you want to collect Bitcoin, you can do this through direct providers who will later allow you to pay directly to Coinbase. Alternatively, you can also use networks of services that belong to the largest microwallet (Faucetpay).

This has the advantage that you can now collect Bitcoin for free from 300 services at once and these are automatically transferred to the microwallet. So you reach the payout limit faster and can transfer the Bitcoin from Faucetpay to Coinbase (only possible manually). Your advantage is that microwallets allow you to collect several crypto currencies and you can even exchange them internally very easily. This step would be a further optimization so that you reach the payout limit for a crypto currency such as Bitcoin even faster.

Keyword payout: As soon as you have accumulated 0.0001 Bitcoin you can be paid out. For this you must then enter your Bitcoin account number from Coinbase at Faucetpay.

Mindmap: Earning Bitcoin with Faucets

Mindmap Earning Bitcoin with Faucets
Mindmap: Earning Bitcoin with Faucets