Screenshot Website Rushbitcoin
Rating: 0,50
Operator: Unknown
Country: USA USA
Language: English
Start: 2017
Ref-Commision: 5%
Minimum Age: Years
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Claim Time (in min): 7 min.
Earnings: Middle
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: 0.00001 BTC
Currency: Bitcoin Bitcoin

Pro- and Contra for Rushbitcoin

  • SSL encryption
  • Many earning opportunities
  • Transparent script
  • Voluntary lottery
  • Blog & FAQ section
  • Fast confirmation for PTC clicks
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Low ref compensation
  • Shortlinks have a lot of advertising
  • Paid VIP membership model

What is Rushbitcoin? Rushbitcoin Review - Scam or Legit?

UPDATE: For some weeks now, we are not able to login (we are using Google Chrome Browser). Before this bug is not fixed we can give Rushbitcoin only 0.5 Stars in Rating!

Although Rushbitcoin is already relatively old, it is hardly known. Rushbitcoin offers good compensation and super earning opportunities especially for frequent clickers. In addition, the script is very popular and well known in the scene and offers so much depth that I have seen little in other providers. Rushbitcoin captivated me from the first moment, although I must confess I was also very puzzled. Because when I saw after my registration that Rushbitcoin offers a VIP membership model against payment all the bad memories of the dubious PTC providers came up again, there in the scene these models are the order of the day.

Memberships Rushbitcoin
Memberships Rushbitcoin

I personally don't think much of it, but internationally these forms are standard for many operator scripts. However, after a few days I was able to get rid of my mistrust, because firstly, the free variant offers me as a user everything I want and secondly, Rushbitcoin remunerates quickly and easily with the PTC ads and the shortlinks. The overview is fun and really offers everything you need for statistics fans.

How can you earn satoshis on Rushbitcoin?

Rushbitcoin offers several forman how to earn Satoshis, we have summarized them for you here.

You can earn Bitcoin with...
You can earn Bitcoin with...

Unlike other services, you don't have to click shortlinks to use the faucet at all. This is great, because with the faucet clicks you can advance in the internal 5-level level system and with each new level your earnings increase by 5%.


Our tip: PTC clicks

I am personally a fan of the PTC clicks at Rushbitcoin. These are easy, fast and the pay is right. Click through once a day and click off other faucets along the way, because the script allows you to surf in a tab window.

Offerwall on Rushbitcoin

The Offerwall offers almost 10 services where you can also still click and earn Bitcoin. Here you can find providers for PTC ads, paid surveys and paid videos. Maybe there are even more, these forms we could find, however, the providers are constantly changed and supplemented at top offers. I myself do not use the Offerwalls so often, because I am with very many services and would like to have visited daily all once. But I know from users that the Offerwalls are very popular, especially with users who are not registered with so many other services. These then concentrate on earning money with one provider and thus also do everything. The remuneration can be very high here, with a little luck.

Youtube-Video: RushBitcoin Review

Referal System

Further earning possibilities offer the recruiting of new members. However, the operator does not seem to be a fan of referrals, because with 5% lifetime commission participation in all revenues that the recruited user achieves, Rushbitcoin ranks pretty much last in the crypto world, this is definitely a disadvantage. Common values here are starting at 10% up to 50% at the top.

Activity bonus

A great and innovative idea of the operator is the so-called activity bonus on Rushbitcoin. Here you can earn special bonuses when you reach activity limits. If you have been actively logged in for a longer period of time, you should definitely take a look at the submenu item "Activity Rewards", where you can earn additional Satoshis.

Receive Bitcoins for completing tasks

By the way you can also earn Satoshis at Rushbitcoin by doing "jobs" and sticking to the default. For example, a job offer is to perform a posting in a forum, if you have that erfällt you get a payment. Here, too, the operators are very creative and enterprising. However, this form should be known to many German Paid4 users.

Earn Bitcoins with lottery

As a last point, we would like to point out the lottery at The participation is free and there are super great prizes to win there. Personally, I hardly use lotteries at Faucets, but I was already once lucky to have made 2nd place at a provider and to have received a nice prize. Therefore, I find this addition useful for the users who like to use it. The main thing is that everything runs seriously and transparently.

Lottery Game
Lottery Game


Conclusion about Rushbitcoin

We think this is a very interesting provider that is really fun to use and also promises good earnings. Rushbitcoin can hold its own against the competition and should be taken under the microscope by every user... If you also search the Internet for reviews and test reports about Rushbitcoin, the user reports are always positive! Until now, the users have always been paid and therefore we also want to recommend Rushbitcoin and continue to test for you.

Payment Proof Rushbitcoin:

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