Screenshot Website Cointiply
Rating: 5,00
Operator: Unknown
Country: USA USA
Language: English
Start: 2017
Total Payouts: 25
Ref-Commision: 1 Level (25%)
Claim Time (in min): between 1 and 12 hours
Earnings: High
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: 0,0001 BTC
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Dash Dash, Doge Doge, Litecoin Litecoin
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Pro- and Contra for Cointiply

  • Well paying
  • PTC ads are also well paying
  • Good referral system
  • No fee for withdrawals
  • Their CointiPoints system is complicated
  • High minimum withdrawal

What is Cointiply? Cointiply Review - Scam or Legit?

Cointiply exists since 2017 and it has changed a lot over the time. When it started, it included a really complex mining game. They were really generous with the amount of Coins they gave to their users and Cointiply lost a lot of money. They learnt from their mistakes, completely removed the mining game and added other stuff like offerwalls. Why do we give you this little history lesson?

Because it shows, that the admins of Cointiply are interested in keeping it up. They could have removed their site from the internet, but they decided to take the loses and make the best out of it. That's a rare thing in the world of faucets and it shows the dedication of the admins. It also proves, that Cointiply is a legitimate business and they will pay you.

How can you earn Bitcoin at Cointiply?

First of all, you don't earn Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency at Cointiply. You can earn Coins there. As soon as you decide to cashout, you can decide if you want Bitcoin or Dogecoin. The amount you get depends on the current market value of the selected cryptocurrency. The Coins have a fixed value in Dollar, 10000 Coins are worth 1 Dollar. There are various ways to earn Coins at Cointiply, but their faucet is the main one.

It depends on your country how often you can claim. It varies between 1 and 12 hours. You roll a number between 1 and 99999 and the higher you roll, the more Coins you get.

If you manage to roll 99999, you get the jackpot. We never rolled the jackpot, but we rolled quite high and then you get 103 Coins and the bonus. With a lucky roll, you can get over 200 Coins (around 2 Cent) at once, that's quite a lot for a faucet. That makes Cointiply the highest paying faucet out there.

Cointiply Roll
Cointiply Roll

There are 2 bonuses, the first one is a loyalty bonus. For each day you claim, you get 1 % more per claim, up to 100 %. The second bonus you get is the Cointiplier. As you see in the screenshot, our current Cointiplier is 1.44. That's why we get 9 coins per normal roll. If the Cointiplier is higher, the amount you get for a roll rises. Your Cointiplier is calculated automatically, but they don't tell you how it is calculcated. That sucks a bit, but even with a low Cointiplier, it is still a good idea to roll the faucet at least once a day.

There are also some PTC Ads to earn Coins from. Just visit the site, wait a few seconds, solve the captcha and you are rewarded. You don't have to keep the site in the focus, you can browse other websites while you wait.

There are also the usual offerwalls, where you do different tasks and get paid in Coins. Keep in mind, that the offerwalls are just embedded. That means, if you encounter any problems with an offerwall, you have to contact them directly. The admins of Cointiply can't help you with problems regarding the offerwalls.

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What makes Cointiply special?

As I already told you before, Cointiply once had a complex mining game. It didn't work out for them in the end, but it was still a nice idea. But now, they made a new game called Cointivity. For every 10 Coins you earn, you get 1 CointiPoint.

With CointiPoints, you can buy different items that boost the amount of coins you can earn on Cointiply. There is also a level up system. The more Coins you earn, the more exp you get and your level rises. The higher your level, the more items you can equip.

It's a bit complex and you have to be really active to profit from it. But maybe you like it and have fun with it. That would be great, because earning free cryptocurrencies and having fun at once is a sweet deal.

Don't forget the Rain

If you use Cointiply a lot, you should not forget to participate in the rain. You have to manually click in the upper left corner unter "Current Rain Pool" to participate. Whatever you do at Cointiply, you raise your share of the Rain Pool. If it's full, you get your share from all the Coins in the Pool. Usually, it's not much, but if you are active anyway, you get them as a free bonus, so don't forget to participate right before you start doing PTC Ads or something else at Cointiply. The Pool fills really fast, it normally takes only a few hours or less.

Is there a referral system at Cointiply?

Of course you also get rewarded for inviting other people to join Cointiply. For every friend you refer to Cointiply, you get 25 % of his claims. Of course, he don't get less Coins, you just get them as a bonus directly from Cointiply. Additionally, you get 10 % of everything he earns from offerwalls.


Our conclusion for Cointiply

Cointiply is currently the highest paying faucet on the market. The earnings there are great, they already proved that they are a legitimate business and if you like, you can spend a lot of time on Cointiply and get rewarded for it. The only problem on Cointiply is the weird Cointiplier bonus and the anonymity of the owners. Sadly, this is a common problem at most faucets. At first, Cointiply may seem a bit overwhelming because of all the possibilities. If you aren't interested in spending a lot of time, feel free to just use their faucet and maybe the PTC Ads. They give you the most for your time and even if you just roll their faucet once per day for the loyalty bonus and watch their PTC ads, you won't need that long to earn enough Coins to withdraw your money.

Payment Proof Cointiply

Payment Proof Cointiply
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