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Crypto News

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Latest Crypto News

Eu Parliament

EU Parliament postpones MiCA decision

Due to translation difficulties, the EU Parliament will not vote on the finalisation of the MiCA regulation until April. Read more here.

Burning Dollar

Pilot project for the digital US dollar starts!

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) of New York is launching a digital US dollar pilot project in cooperation with 12 global financial firms.

Can he get back his approx. 150 million US dollars?

Engineer threw away hard drive with 7,500 Bitcoin

Can he get back his approx. 150 million US dollars? These are stories that only life itself can write. Read more at

Bitcoin and US-Dollar

Despite criticism: BlackRock enters crypto market

The world's largest asset manager announced this in a blog post on Thursday, without giving further details. Read more on

Is the US immigration authorities watching you out?

Does Coinbase rat out its users to US immigration authorities?

The largest US crypto exchange sold monitoring software with GPS data to ICE - and placed no limits on its use. Read more on

Bitcoin Faucet News May 2022

Bitcoin Faucet News May 2022

We tested a lot of new sites for you and we are glad to inform you about some new additions to our list of the best faucets.

Bitcoin and Altcoins are down

Seven important reasons that currently influence the Bitcoin price

The collapse of Terra Luna has exacerbated this trend. How the No. 1 cryptocurrency could continue is shown on the basis of seven factors and indicators.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden revealed as last founding member of Zcash

Secret revealed - John Dobbertin, the last still unknown founding member of the privacy coin Zcash, revealed his true identity.

Biden and Twitter

Biden's regulatory plans kick off strong price rally

The US government launches its long-awaited regulation of the crypto space. The market reacts bullishly. But the legislation battle is just beginning.

Crypto Faucet News January 2022

Bitcoin Faucet News January 2022

Bitcoin didn't meet its expectations at the end of 2021. Nevertheless a lot of Faucets improved their services and got even better.