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Crypto News
Crypto News

On this page you will find the latest news about international services that are listed on We also offer you news from the crypto scene, trends, developments and useful tips. Furthermore, on every detail page of a service (Faucet, PTC or Surfbar) you will find news about the provider itself. You can also use the search function here. Have fun reading, researching or just browsing...

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Latest Crypto News

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12 Payments received from bitcoin services

Here you will find payouts from bitcoin service to make money online. In September and October 2020 it was time again, we were paid out 12 times.

Monthly Flashback November 2020

Monthly flashback November 2020

As promised, we will keep you informed about the latest news regarding Bitcoin Faucets and Cryptocurrencies in November 2020.

Bitcoin now accepted on Paypal

Paypal accepts now Bitcoin, more chance or risk for crypto currencies?

For almost two weeks one topic has dominated the international crypto world: PayPal. What does that mean for Bitcoin, Paypal and the crypto community?

Screenshot Website DutchyCorp

2 new Faucets added and the first mistake

Although Best Faucets is pretty new, we started with a lot of Faucets already listed. We found 2 new cool sites to earn Bitcoin with and tested them for you.

Screenshot of Website Pi-Network

Pi-Network - The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone

Pi Network is the network behind a new cryptocurrency behind Pi. Is is pretty new and it is not fully released yet, but we still wanted to tell you about it.


Best-Faucets – We have a mission

The world of cryptocurrencies is a fascinating one. We are crypto enthusiasts and we are following Bitcoin and his peers for a few years now.

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