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Crypto News

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Latest Crypto News

Bitcoin Faucet News May 2022

Bitcoin Faucet News May 2022

We tested a lot of new sites for you and we are glad to inform you about some new additions to our list of the best faucets.

Bitcoin and Altcoins are down

Seven important reasons that currently influence the Bitcoin price

The collapse of Terra Luna has exacerbated this trend. How the No. 1 cryptocurrency could continue is shown on the basis of seven factors and indicators.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden revealed as last founding member of Zcash

Secret revealed - John Dobbertin, the last still unknown founding member of the privacy coin Zcash, revealed his true identity.

Biden and Twitter

Biden's regulatory plans kick off strong price rally

The US government launches its long-awaited regulation of the crypto space. The market reacts bullishly. But the legislation battle is just beginning.

Crypto Faucet News January 2022

Bitcoin Faucet News January 2022

Bitcoin didn't meet its expectations at the end of 2021. Nevertheless a lot of Faucets improved their services and got even better.

Fewer whales: Bitcoin becoming more widely distributed

Fewer whales: Bitcoin becoming more widely distributed

Bitcoin is becoming more widely distributed. This is shown by on-chain data. Quo vadis, crypto market? Read more on

Crypto Faucet News October 2021

Bitcoin Faucet News October 2021

What a summer. At the end of May, it looked really bad for Bitcoin and his companions. The prize went suddenly downhill for a few weeks.

Coingecko Logo

Do you know Coingecko? We think you should!

There are currently 9471 cryptocurrencies listed, including completely unknown coins that no one has ever heard of and they are worth nothing.

Cardano Hard Fork

Cardano is now smart contract ready

With the hard fork "Alonzo", the Cardano network has successfully completed the last part of the Goguen rollout. Read more at

Coinpot SCAM

Warning about Coinpot Scam

Coinpot is back? Unfortunately not, as it turned out, when we took a closer look. The site looks completely identical to Coinpot before.