Crypto Lexicon

Everyone, which stands at the beginning and wants to know more to the topic crypto currencies, will fast state that this "crypto world" holds own terms ready. With industry-usual terms one speaks usually of technical terms, in the crypto world this is however less the case. Nevertheless, you need a reference book for all the fine crypto terms, which mainly originate from the English-speaking world. In the following we have collected the most important terms and vocabulary from the crypto world for you. One more hint, we have created a separate page about faucets including a list of our tested providers.

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Crypto Glossary / Lexicon

Here are some remarks

Note: This list will surely grow with time, because we too are learning more and more...

We would be happy to include your question in our Bitcoin glossary:
Do you have questions about Bitcoin or crypto currencies in general? Send us a message to with your question, we will do our best to answer it. But please give us 1-2 days time, sometimes we are also professionally involved... In any case we would be happy to develop our glossary/lexicon together with you. We don't want to list all topics here, but at least the most important and relevant questions that will help you as a user immediately. As already mentioned above we also learn in the area of crypto currencies daily...