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Rating: 3,50
Operator: Unknown
Country: Brazil Brazil
Language: English
Start: 2020
Total Payouts: 2
Ref-Commision: 12 %
Minimum Age: Years
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Claim Time (in min): 60 min
Earnings: Middle
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: 0,00005 BTC to FaucetPay, 0,0002 to wallet
Currency: Bitcoin Bitcoin
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Pro- and Contra for Grabtc

  • Big FAQ section
  • Well paying
  • Nice and good interface
  • A lot of different methods to earn Bitcoin
  • The PTC ads need to be in focus

grabtc Review - What's grabtc?

grabtc is a pretty new faucet and it has already set a new standard for a faucet. It has a really good, intuitive design, is easy to use, because it isn't overloaded with ads and you have a variety of different opportunities to earn Bitcoin. grabtc started in March 2020 and that's the only real downside. We don't know yet if it will turn into a scam or not. But we are optimistic that it's not a scam. It took a lot of effort to create the whole site, because it's not something out of the box. The admins must have invested a lot of time into grabtc and they are paying till now. That's why we decided to already list grabtc despite being new. It's just too good and nobody should miss out on this awesome site.

How can I earn Bitcoin at grabtc?

First of all, grabtc is a faucet. That means, you can earn money with their faucet. You can claim once every 60 minutes and roll their dice. The higher you roll, the more Bits you get. Be aware, you earn Bits on grabtc. 1 Bit has a worth of 1 Satoshi. If you manage to roll 99999, you even get 300000 Bits.

You can also watch their PTC ads. You have to click on their ads, wait some seconds and solve a captcha. Sadly, you have to keep the focus on the tab, meaning you can't do other stuff meanwhile. But that's not that bad, because you just have to stay for a few seconds on the site. It's ok, but the earnings aren't that high, you get between 1 and 2 Bits per second.

If you want to earn even more Bitcoin, you can do their shortlinks. There are a lot of different shortlinks and you get between 4 and 10 Bits for each shortlink.

The next method to earn some Bitcoin at are their jobs. They have a lot of different jobs that pay really well. For example, if you make a video about grabtc, you earn 300 Bits.

Grabtc Job for a Youtube video Job for a Youtube video

There are currently 27 different jobs, but that number can vary. But as you can see, you won't get bored at grabtc.

GRAB.TC review (grab free BITCOIN FOREVER ‼️

There are also a lot of different achievements.

If you claim a certain amount from their faucet, if you visit enough shortlinks or do other stuff at, you will earn an achievement. At grabtc, achievements are pretty good, because they give you extra Bits. For example, if you claim from their faucet 50 times, you get 48 Bits. That's a really cool bonus.

The site also offers different offerwalls, some games and CPU mining. It also offers a blog that's updated regularly, if the site offers anything new, you can see it at their blog.

The last special thing are their contests. Every month, grabtc makes different contests and anybody is able to participate. It's hard to win, because you have to be really active, but the prize is huge. For example, first place at the current shortlink contest earns 50000 Bits. But even if you aren't first place, it's ok, because the Top Ten get a reward.

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What else can I do at grabtc?

You can also place your own ads there. If you have a blog, a forum or just want to promote a referral link, you can make an ad at grabtc and the users will watch them.

What about the referral system?

If you manage to refer someone to grabtc, you get a comission of 12 % of all faucet claims. You also get 3 % of their earnings from an offerwall and 1 % from the earnings from shortlinks. grabtc also offers different memberships. The better your membership is, the more you can earn, but it's not worth it without a lot of referrals. Because if you become a member, you earn more from your referrals and without any referrals, you will lose money. If you just want to claim from their faucet, you shouldn't invest your money in a membership. You can still withdraw your money, even as a free member.

How can I withdraw Bitcoin from grabtc?

To withdraw your Bitcoin, you need to claim at least 20 times from their faucet. You can decide if you want to withdraw your Bitcoin to FaucetPay or directly to your wallet. The minimum amount is 5000 Satoshis to Faucetpay or 20000 Satoshis to your wallet.

Our conclusion for

grabtc has already set a new standard for faucets. It makes nearly everything perfect and if they can keep it up and running and continue to tweak a few things, grabtc will be the perfect example of a good faucet. You can really feel the dedication of the admin, everything is really intuitive and easily accessable. It's also not overloaded with ads like other faucets. If they keep it up for a year, it will be the first faucet we will rate with 5 stars. Because it is THAT good. You should really try it for yourself and enjoy the experience. It's fun to use grabtc and you get paid for it. Awesome!

Payment Proof Grabtc

Payment Proof grabtc
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