Tron is a real whiz kid among the crypto currencies. Tron was invented in September 2017 by Justin Sun. Originally, the crypto currency was based on Ethereum, but Tron was migrated to a separate block chain in June 2018. And already since the creation of Tron, things have been really going uphill in the course. Of course, as usual with crypto currencies, with strong exchange rate fluctuations, but basically the trend goes in a positive direction. It seems as if the invention of Justin Sun has found a gap in the market and is serving it very well.

The goal of Tron is to revolutionize the entertainment industry. It is attempting to sell content directly to the end customer using block chain technology. The aim is to bypass middlemen, which allows for lower prices for customers and yet greater profit for content creators. Theoretically, this could mean the end for large platforms like YouTube, which have a strong market position.

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Since Tron allows content to be marketed directly, this is very appealing to content creators, as they are then no longer exposed to the whims of YouTube or other market monopolists. Since there are always problems with such large platforms in general, such as account suspension or similar, the vision of Justin Sun is very appealing.

For example, programmers from are already on board, so it is generally assumed that Tron and Alibaba are working towards a cooperation. Alibaba, by the way, is a huge Chinese online retailer with over 50 million customers. If there really is to be a cooperation, this could boost Tron's share price enormously.

As you can see, there are very good reasons why Tron has made such a start. The entertainment industry is huge and many people are dissatisfied with the current development as some major platforms have completely split the market between themselves.

This could change in the next few years with Tron. If content is decentralized and creators are paid on a per-call basis, it would be a huge change from the current situation. Up to now, it has been the case that creators often only earn money with their content once they reach a certain size. So if the content is for a niche audience, the creators often go away empty-handed because the content is of high quality but unfortunately only few people are interested. With Tron every call would be paid directly, this would be a huge step towards fair payment for creators of videos or other things.

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The basic idea of TRON is revolutionary and could change the Internet

But so far all this is rather a vision, there are already some dApps, but everything is still in its infancy. Of course nobody can predict how it will develop, but it is going in a good direction. The basic idea behind Tron is good and the crypto-currency Tronix also has a field of application. So Tron is more than just a currency, here we are actively working on a problem and try to fix it.

Tronix is by the way the name of the crypto currency itself, even if it is often called Tron anyway. But Tron is the idea before the crypto-currency, Tronix is just an accessory to support the network. Of course you can also use the currency for trading, but it is rather unlikely that you will be able to pay directly with Tronix sometime during a business transaction. But this is not the intention behind the crypto currency. That is a large difference to conventional crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Many crypto currencies are missing simply the area of application, because the user friendliness is simply not given. Nobody will buy in foreseeable time a sausage bread with Bitcoin, it is however far more probable that in the near future people on-line pay for the view of videos with Tronix. So the vision of Tron is much less utopian than that of other crypto currencies.

Tron has a clear vision of what they want to establish themselves in. Justin Lee is trying to turn the current system upside down, but only for the market of online content like videos and music. This is a clear challenge to the big monopolists like YouTube.

How does TRON work technically

Tron itself is a platform on which anyone can publish content. When people view this content or, in the case of an app, use it, the creator is paid directly. There is no middleman like Youtube, who collects money for it. This would of course change the internet completely, but how exactly this will look like will probably come as a surprise. But if Tron becomes really accepted, it will change a lot for the creators of content.

Advantages of Tronix

According to Justin Sun, Tronix should charge almost no transaction fees. So a bank transfer should always cost only a fraction of a cent, no matter how many users Tron has worldwide. At the moment the transaction costs are in any case very low and they are also carried out quickly. A bank transfer takes only a few minutes to reach the recipient. But as mentioned before, Tronix is actually not used for direct payment of things. So a comparison with other crypto currencies is very difficult. The big advantage of Tron is the vision and especially the practicability of the whole thing. It is quite conceivable that in a few years Tron will become a serious competitor for some big companies in the entertainment industry on the internet.

  • Cheap and fast transactions
  • Future-proof vision

Disadvantages of Tronix

Of course, Tronix also has disadvantages, although not many. Strictly speaking, Tron has only one big disadvantage. This would be that Tron is just a vision. It is a wonderful vision and, as mentioned above, it is quite possible that this dream will come true, but nobody can guarantee it. And since Tronix is directly related to Tron, if Tron fails, Tronix will disappear. Therefore, only people who believe in the success of Tron should invest in this project, because Tronix and Tron belong together.

If Tron fails, Tronix will also disappear
Are there actually faucets for Tron?
Only very few and rather dubious ones. Therefore we would recommend to use other faucets and to exchange the coins for Tronix if you are interested. You can trade Tron on Coinbase and other trading platforms.

Services where you can earn TRON for free:

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Conclusion of Tron

Tron is the vision of a young and likeable man trying to change a huge industry from the ground up. The project is very ambitious and also interesting. It is quite conceivable that it will succeed, but no one can say that for sure. Therefore, an investment would be quite risky and one should get detailed information before putting money into it.

But if you believe in the vision of Justin Sun, you should definitely get more information about Tron and watch the project closely. But even if you don't believe in the vision, you should stay on the ball here, because there is potential to change large parts of the internet. Anyone who creates videos or music, for example, should at least take a closer look at Tron, as it offers possibilities that were not available before.

Whether Tron really manages to change the future remains to be seen, but we will keep you up to date on what's new in Tron and other crypto currencies.

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