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Faucetpay was hacked - Picture from Tumisu | Pixabay

If you log in at FaucetPay, you will see a message. FaucetPay says, that there was a security incident on 14th March. Their deposit adresses were attacked by a hacker and FaucetPay lost over 600.000 Dollar in different Cryptocurrencies.

You don’t have to worry though, FaucetPay covers the loss and you don’t lose any money. But if you want to deposit your Coins at FaucetPay, please wait. The deposit adresses are still controlled by the hacker and if you send your Coins there, you will lose them.

Here is the official statement from Faucetpay:

"Security Incident
Unfortunately, we have to announce that FaucetPay suffered today a loss of around $600,000. Our hot-wallets were compromised and the hacker had access to the funds. We are still investigating the issue and have shared all details with the local authorities. Please rest assured, FaucetPay will cover the loss and no users will be affected from the hack. In the meantime, we ask for your patience until we can re-enable deposit and withdrawals. Please do not send any funds to previous deposit addresses as they will be lost. New addresses will be generated. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

Breakdown of the hacked funds:

3.58932114 BTC ( USD 219,007.10 )
1030271.94 TRX ( USD 54,365.38 )
43072.2188 USDT ( USD 43072.21)
108.5992645 DASH ( USD 26,586.54 )
4.00000000 BCH ( USD 2,355.08 )
618,399.9256972 DGB ( USD 38,367.38 )
280.65664095 LTC ( USD 62,680.42 )
2,624,596.00000000 DOGE ( USD 164,144.85 )
0.484382512238528 ETH ( USD 1905.63 )

= USD 612,523.21

Addresses which are made by the hacker:


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FaucetPay is a legitimate company

As bad as this incident is, it also has a positive effect. It shows, that FaucetPay is a legitimate company and they can handle such things really fine. It also shows, that FaucetPay earns a lot of money with their service, else they wouldn’t be able to cover the loss.

We will continue to use FaucetPay, we are even more convinced now, that FaucetPay works fine and we won’t lose our Coins there. We still recommend, that you don’t use it as a primary wallet, because it’s only intended for small sums. If you have enough funds, send them to your own wallet to be safe.

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