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Rating: 4,00
Operator: NeoDev
Country: Portugal Portugal
Languages: English Finnish French German Greek Indonesian Portuguese Spanish Swedish
Start: 2008
Total Payouts: 22
Ref-Commision: depends on different things
Minimum Age: Years
Claim Time (in min): 24 hours
Earnings: Good
Captcha: No
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: $2
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash, Dash Dash, Litecoin Litecoin
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Pro- and Contra for neobux

  • Online for a long time
  • SSL
  • Leading PTC Site for many years
  • Big active Community
  • For higher earnings you must invest in a membership

What's neobux?

Neobux is a really old site and it's primarily a PTC site. That means, you get Paid To Click on ads. But neobux offers a lot more, you can find Offerwalls, Mini Jobs, Games and a lot more. The site is operated by NeoDev and is located in Portugal. It also offers protection with SSL, that's a rare thing. The site looks quite old, but functional. The menu is a bit complicated, it can be really hard to find what you are looking for. A modern and better user interface would be nice.

How can I earn Bitcoin at neobux?

First of all, you can't earn Bitcoin at neobux, you earn Dollar and can cash them out in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Dash.

The main source of your earnings at neobux comes from PTC ads. You have to click on their ads, wait some seconds and solve a captcha. The problem is, that the ad needs to stay in focus. That means, you have to wait and can't do other stuff meanwhile. It's really time consuming to watch an ad and the payment is really low. Sometimes, you see ads that earn you 0,01 Dollar, but most of the times you earn 0,001 Dollar and that's really low. If 1 Bitcoin is worth 10000 Dollar, you earn 10 Satoshis per ad. That's not much, sites like adBTC or Cointiply offer more. Even a lot of faucets offer way more per claim and they take less time.

You can also use the offerwalls at neobux, they are the same as on most other sites. Nothing special here. As always, if you encounter any problems with an offerwall, you have to send a message to the owner of the offerwall. neobux can't help you with problems regarding their offerwalls.

The greatest advantage of neobux is their legitimacy. You will get paid, that's for sure. They are online for over 10 years and there were never any issues where they didn't pay. It's one of the safest sites to use. It also provides a big forum with a lot of active community members and a big FAQ area. If you have any questions regarding neobux, you will find something in their FAQ.

Neobux Review – Fastest Way to Earn by Clicking Ads? (Maybe, BUT…)

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Is there a referral comission at neobux?

The most important thing about referrals is, that you have to stay active to earn from them. If you don't watch some ads yourself for a day, you won't get any comission for that day. neobux offers a lot, if you refer people to them. You get a bonus, if someone registers and clicks some ads. You also get something for every click your referral makes and if he engages with an offerwall, you also get paid. Their referral system is really complex. You can also rent or buy referrals and a lot of other stuff. But because neobux is such an old site, it can be really hard to find new people, because a lot of people already know neobux. There is also a gold membership , with it, you earn more and you also get more for each click from your referrals.

Neobux Gold membership
neobux Gold membership

If you have enough referrals, the membership is worth your money, but don't bother with upgrading if you have no referrals at all. You will lose money then.

Our conclusion to neobux

neobux is a stable site, that earns you some money, but noch much. But you can be sure that you will get your money and that's a good thing, because a lot of faucets exist for a few months, then they take their site offline and your money is gone. With neobux, that won't happen.

The negative part is, that you don't earn much without referrals and it will be hard to find new people who don't know neobux. It's also annoying that you can't do other stuff while you look the ads, it takes a few minutes to watch all their ads for a day and you only earn around 0,02 Dollar for it. That's a really bad income. But if you prefer stability and safety over high rewards and risk, neobux is the perfect site for you.

Payment Proof neobux

Payment Proof neobux
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Note: I am a member since 2010 and so I always made payouts in Euro, never in Bitcoin but it's possible ;)

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