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Screenshot Website Globalhive
Rating: 3,00
Operator: Unknown
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Languages: Chinese Dutch English French Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish Ukrainian
Start: 2020
Total Payouts: 15
Ref-Commision: 4 Levels (10%,5%,3%,2%)
Minimum Age: Years
Claim Time (in min): 24 hours
Earnings: Middle
Captcha: Yes
Payout: manually
Payout-Limit: No limit
Currency: Zcash Zcash
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Pro- and Contra for Globalhive

  • Easy Script
  • Use Brave for extra Rewards
  • Connect Social Media Account for more rewards
  • 4 levels for referring users
  • SSL
  • 9 Languages
  • No more ways to earn
  • No banners for Advertising

I discovered Global Hive or Globalhive on a small faucet list on the Internet when I was looking for faucets for the cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC). Somehow the service appealed to me immediately, because the script is very modern, simple, clear and also successful.

Zcash rules here!

Globalhive is 100% pure faucet and moreover also only for one cryptocurrency, namely Zcash. Zcash is rather a small cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, but very up-and-coming, as truly anonymous transactions are possible here, unlike Bitcoin, for example. Another advantage of the currency are the extremely low fees, they are close to zero.

The website is offered in 9 different languages

This is really unique for such a "small" faucet like Globalhive, the multilingualism is really international and brilliant. Unfortunately, there is currently no content for the German-speaking region, but in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and more.

How can you earn Zcash on Globalhive?

This is where Globalhive differs from all the popular concepts I have known so far. Because the special thing about Globalhive is that you can quickly earn multiples for free.

Extra Rewards Globalhive
Extra Rewards Globalhive

For example, if you only provide your email address, you will get just 10% of the actual claim value. If you link your Google account with your email address, you will get 10 times the normal claim value. If you link other accounts you will get even more. Also for the download of the Brave Browser and the pure usage of the Brave Browser. Since I joined Globalhive I use the Brave Browser at least once a day to make my claim and get a decent value of Zcash credited. The good thing is that it is automatically credited to my deposited account, I don't have to do anything for it.

Here is the proof of my claim:

Claim Value Globalhive
Claim Value Globalhive with Brave Browser and Social Media Bonus rate

Besides, with steady activity you can earn even more, so Globalhive offers a Daily Bonus. For each consecutive day (up to 6 days) you use the faucet, you are awarded a bonus multiplier. If you miss a day, the daily bonus counter resets.

In addition, Globalhive also offers a Bonus Round. After using the faucet for five consecutive days in a row, you're eligible for a ZEC bonus round that can award up to 0.1 ZEC.

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Earning opportunities with recruited users

Globalhive also offers a great opportunity to build up sustainable passive income, contrary to almost all other services on the market. Because here the recruiting of new members is really worthwhile. Globalhive offers a commission over 4 levels for life, which is otherwise only available with German Paidmailers.

Ref-Structure Globalhive
Ref-Structure Globalhive

We hope that other services will come up with this idea and offer this in the future as well, then faucets can be even more rewarding. Currently Globalhive offers 10% in the first level, 5% in the second level, then 3% and in the fourth level still 2%. Ingenious!

Good explanations can be found under "Instructions"

We find under the menu item Instructions Globalhive offers a good summary to all questions that may arise. Here you can find answers, moreover, the content is well organized and structured.

Our conclusion about Globalhive

Even if you think that the service only offers a small cryptocurrency Zcash, we have to say Globalhive sets standards from the script. The operator seems to be based in the Netherlands and once again the Dutch show that they are innovative, modern and yet user-friendly. We can really recommend Globalhive and believe this could become a future star among faucets.

Youtube-Video: Get FREE ZCASH at Global Hive | ZEC Coin |

Payment Proof Globalhive

Payment Globalhive
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