The Hall of Fame of Crypto Faucets

Bild von Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay
Picture: Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

At this point, we would like to use this Hall of Fame list to remind you of the fabulous faucet services that are unfortunately no longer active. The following crypto services have worked seriously during their lifetime, always provided good service and regularly paid their members.
The Hall of Famers have informed their members about the closure of the service in time, they have given a deadline to the users, so that every user could prepare for the closure. Moreover, they have guaranteed and explained in detail to each user how the process of closure as well as the payout can be made.
Unfortunately, they no longer exist, we want to make sure that they are never forgotten, because it is thanks to them that many people came to the topic of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we dare to predict that even some users received their first ever online earnings in cryptocurrencies from the following providers.

Hall of Famers

The Hall of Famers should be an example for us.

We hope for all operators who are reading this that you also act responsibly, always keep an eye on the users and also always operate seriously and above all pay out the users.
Please remember before you open your service, the protection and satisfaction of the user must be above all.

Currently, the reality unfortunately looks different...

Well done
Thank you Hall of Famers

We the authors (Shanti and Adrian) of this content have a vision, we would like you as a user to be able to earn free money on the Internet with the help of cryptocurrencies. However, the reality is difficult, because most operators of Faucets remain anonymous and can therefore be held accountable only very difficult.

For this reason, we want to protect and help you users by introducing only reliable services here at We had to pay "apprenticeship money", we lost accumulated credit with some older and dubious services.

We would like to protect you from the same mistakes and therefore we would like to honor those services here, which have always acted morally and economically correct. We have a mission...