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Rating: 0,50
Operator: Unkonown
Country: Russia Russia
Language: English
Start: 2020
Ref-Commision: 3 Levels (20%, 10%, 5%)
Minimum Age: Years
Claim Time (in min): 24 hours
Earnings: Good
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: 0.0003 BTC
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Doge Doge, Litecoin Litecoin

Pro- and Contra for BTCBux

  • Many PTC ads
  • Modern script
  • Fast server
  • 3-level ref system
  • Advertising bookable
  • Shortlinks
  • Anonymous
  • Faucet does not work

UPDATE: Since 15th of September 2021 we are waiting now for our payment. Nothing happenend. We thought this servise is legit? We hope we will get our payment of 30.000 Satoshis soon, if not we have to put BTCBux on the Blacklist.

I first came across BTCBux in the fall of 2020 when I was browsing a website and saw a banner from the service. Since I was still looking for new services at that time, I signed up. In the meantime, a few months have passed and I must admit it has become one of my favorite Bitcoin sites. The usage is fast, easy and the script is very intuitive. Therefore, I would like to introduce the service to you here in more detail, because more people should get to know BTCBux.

Unfortunately, the operator is once again not recognizable, because the operators remain 100% anonymous in the background (want). Therefore, we would like to point out here right away that almost all Bitcoin faucets threaten total loss, because it must be clear to everyone that the operators can be gone from one day to the next. However, I've been around for years now and have to conclude that most services pay out reliably, but a residual risk always remains. The advantage of BTCBux is that you don't have to invest anything, so you end up exchanging time for bitcoin. ;)

A note: We are not sure where the operators come from, we have absolutely no proof, but we suspect Russia. This is because the payouts have the ruble programmed in as well as the US dollar, and this could indeed point to Russian developers or operators.

How can you earn Bitcoin at BTCBux?

BTCBux Earnings
BTCBux Earnings


As you may already deduce from the name, the focus here is clearly on the PTC-Ads (also called Bux). And without wanting to lay it on too thick, BTCBux is really one of the best in the industry. Similar to Cointiply or Coinpayu, users will find 20-30 paid ads to click on every day.

PTC Ads at BTCBux
PTC Ads at BTCBux
Banner Rollercoin


In the Offerwall you can find paid surveys or also remunerated bonus campaigns. However, offers are not always available on a regular basis, so this area on BTCBux is treated a bit stepmotherly and is not so suitable to earn well here in the long run. Personally, I'm not a fan of offerwalls at all, regardless of which services, but I know of many users who were able to increase their earnings super with it. Everybody is different... So don't be surprised if there are only occasional offers here, BTCBux is clearly focused on paid ads.


Another good way to earn Bitcoin daily here are the shortlinks. Although the daily selection is by far not as large as with the PTC ads, but also here you can find daily about 5-10 different providers. However, the rewards here are not as good as with the ads, and in addition, some shortlink providers are really covered with advertising, which is only really fun for a few users, but those who want to get their money's worth here as well.

Earning with Shortlinks
Earning with Shortlinks

Bitcoin Faucet

At the beginning of our registration, the Faucet worked without any problems. Unfortunately, this is currently no longer the case, no idea why, maybe it has to do with the sharply increased Bitcoin exchange rate? We have learned from reliable sources that some scripts are no longer profitable if they remunerate Satoshis and the Bitcoin exchange rate is so high. Therefore, some operators have intentionally "deactivated" the Faucet function.

Bitcoin Faucet BTCBux
Bitcoin Faucet BTCBux

Referral Program

We were very surprised during our research for BTCBux when we found out that the service actually remunerates over 3 levels. Contrary to the 90% of all providers, who only remunerate one level, it is especially worthwhile to advertise for BTCBux, because you also earn from the recruited of the recruited, of the recruited themselves. Well are you still coming? :)

Referral Program BTCBux
Referral Program BTCBux


Account overview is intuitive...

As a statistics lover, I prefer a dashboard or an overview where I can quickly see all the important info. The script that BTCBux uses here offers exactly this functionality. We are thrilled, because this makes collecting Bitcoin and Satoshis really fun. But see for yourself, here is the dashboard:

Overview BTCBux Account
Overview BTCBux Account

Different cryptocurrencies on

As the headline reveals, the service offers various ways to cash out. Besides Bitcoin, you can also cash out in Litecoin, Dogecoin, US dollars and even rubles. This mix makes a lot of sense in our eyes, since the markets are very volatile and you have to constantly react to prices. However, a small disadvantage of BTCBux is the high minimum payout limit. Compared to the Faucets, which are directly connected to Faucetpay, the payouts here work on any wallet address, without detour via a microwallet. Therefore, the operator must of course also take over the fees, so it only pays off above a certain amount. We can therefore understand the limit, for the users, despite everything, of course, not so nice.

BTCBux Withdraw Options
BTCBux Withdraw Options


Payment Proof BTCBux:

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