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Rating: 0,50
Operator: Unknown
Country: Spain Spain
Languages: English French German Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish
Start: 2019
Ref-Commision: 10 %
Minimum Age: Years
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Claim Time (in min): 24 hours
Earnings: Low
Captcha: No
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: depends on currency
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Doge Doge, Litecoin Litecoin

Pro- and Contra for Litecoinads

  • Ads don’t need to stay in focus
  • Good design
  • Many Paid Ads
  • SSL
  • Low payment
  • Administration in US-Dollar

Litecoinads Review

UPDATE: Since the last week of june the website is offline. We don't know why, if we get news we will let you know as soon as possible.

Litecoinads is a PTC site, that offers a lot of different methods to earn some juicy little Litecoin with. It offers a modern design, that works well. You can easily see all important information in your dashboard and the site works intuitively. Sadly, there are too many ads, they disturb the experience with Litecoinads. There are also some annoying redirects and Popups. Of course we know, that you need ads to earn money and that’s completely ok. But if you put that many ads on a site, you just make the site less fun. There are good reasons, why the best Faucets available show less ads than Litecoinads.

The admins stay anonymous, but the site was registerted 2019 in Spain. That’s why we think it is located in Spain, but we can’t say for sure.

Dashboard Litecoinads
Dashboard Litecoinads

How can you earn Litecoin at Litecoinads?

First of all, let us tell you, that you don’t earn Litecoin there. It’s a bit weird, because the name implies that you earn Litecoin, but they changed that early 2021. Now, you earn Dollar there and if you withdraw, you can decide if you want to get paid in Litecoin. Litecoinads offers a great variety of different things to earn money with.

At Litecoinads, you can watch Ads to earn money. There are a lot of PTC Ads, you can watch them every day. The good thing is, that the ad doesn’t have to be in focus, that means you can do other stuff besides earning money. That’s great. Sadly, the payment is on the lower side. Currently, you earn around 0,0006 Dollar for every ad, that is just not enough to make it worth your time. Especially because you have to solve a captcha after every ad, that makes it really tedious to do.

PTC Ads Litecoinads
PTC Ads Litecoinads

More Options to earn Coins...

But there are some other possibilities to earn Litecoin at Litecoinads. You can try their shortlinks. The payment varies, depending on the Link, but it’s better then their PTC Ads. They are more work though and the payment is still not enough to do it.

Litecoinads also offers a Faucet. The payment for the Faucet is ok, but there are too many ads for the Faucet. You have to solve a captcha, then you get redirected to another site. Most of the time, you have to do the captcha again to get your money. You also get some Popups if you claim.

You can also find some Offerwalls at Litecoinads. They are the same as everywhere else, nothing special here.  Except for AsiaMag and FreeDollars. You can start a Session there and earn money. You have to follow some instructions and every time you finish a Session, you get paid. The payment is still pretty low, but it’s a cool new way to earn money.

Surveys are a new trend at Faucets and Litecoinads takes part in it. You can answer surveys to earn money. To be honest, there are sites with surveys out there that pay way better. But if you have some free time, feel free to try them.

Another way to earn some money are the videos. You can watch a lot of different videos for a few seconds to get your reward. The payment is decent and the videos are mostly interesting to watch. They are a nice addition.

The last thing to do at Litecoinads is their Traffic Grid. You can watch 10 Ads per day and if you are lucky, you can win some money and even referrals for 30 days there. But Litecoinads doesn’t tell you exactly how high are you chances are. The only say that your chance is 1 %, but you don’t know what you win then. The ads here need to stay in focus too, that makes them annoying.

You can also upgrade your account, but it’s not worth your money. You have to be really active to even earn your money back and most months you will spend more on the upgrade than you will earn.

How high is the referral commission?

It’s hard to find out, how high the commission is, because for reasons we don’t know, you can’t find any information about it in their section about referrals. Only if you check their tools for referring people you will see a banner, where they tell you that you earn 10 % commission for every referral. They don’t earn less, you get it as a bonus. 10 % is not much, especially because the payment is bad. That makes it not worth your time to advertise Litecoinads and try to get referrals, better use your time for other Faucets.

Litecoinads. com Website Review, Tutorial & How To Maximize Profits !!

How can you withdraw your money from Litecoinads?

You only earn Dollars at Litecoinads, but if you click on Transfer, you can change them to Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. Then you can decide which currency you want to withdraw. You can either withdraw to Payeer or FaucetPay. The fee is 2 % for Faucetpay and 3,5 % for Payeer. The minimum amount depends on the currency and varies between 1,5 and 2 Dollar.

Our conclusion for Litecoinads

The biggest plus for Litecoinads is the huge variety of methods to earn from. You can do so much different things to earn money and that’s really great. Sadly, the payment is just bad and the whole site shows too many ads. Litecoinads should increase the payment and especially the commission for referring people. They should try to research some successful Faucets and try to find out, why they are so popular. The best Faucets are really fun to use and pay a lot, because the experience with the site is just great. The experience with Litecoinads is just not good. The admin seems to be working really hard on Litecoinads, but to us, it looks like he just doesn’t know how to operate a successful Faucet. If the owner learns that and tweaks the site, we are sure, it will become a pretty popular Faucets.

Payment Proof Litecoinads

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