10 basic rules for Crypto Faucets (PDF Download)


10 basic rules for Faucets
10 basic rules for Faucets

Hello dear crypto enthusiasts,

due to the increasing financial problems around the world, we are noticing more and more people getting interested in cryptocurrencies every day. We here at Best-Faucets.com have made it our mission to provide free information for EVERYONE so that you don't make similar or the same mistakes as we did in our early days.

We want to support you as a user so that you can get started with free Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. quickly and easily. For this reason, we have summarized the 10 most important basic rules for you.

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In addition, you can download the 10 most important basic rules for Faucets here as a PDF for free, we wish you continued success in collecting free Bitcoin and can only advise you to stay active. Especially Bitcoin can be a good store of value in times of rising inflation, similar to gold, silver, shares or real estate...

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10 basic rules for Crypto Faucets

1. Always use different passwordsAlways use different Passwords

This tip is as old as the internet. But sadly, most people still use the same password for different sites. That’s a bad idea. The world of Faucets is a world without rules. There are great Faucets, but there are also Scams. If you use the same password for every Faucet, you WILL encounter some scam sites. And then you just gave them your password to your other Faucets or even your Wallet. That’s not very smart, isn’t it. So make sure to use a different password for every Faucet.

2. Withdraw as soon as you can

Faucets shut down regularly. Not every Faucet is as legit as the Coinpot Faucets and gives you enough time to withdraw your money. It may happen, that one of your favorite Faucets just closes over the night. If you still have a lot of Bitcoin there, you lose it. Not much you can do then, because it’s impossible to get your money. The owner of Faucets mostly stay anonymous, that’s why you can’t even sue them, if you want.

3. Don’t expect too much

Faucets are great and you can earn money with it. Well, that’s common knowledge and the reason, we made Best-Faucets. But if you decide to claim from Faucets, don’t think you will get rich in a short time. You can easily earn a few Dollar or Euro per month but it won’t change your life. If you stick to the best Faucets available, you can earn around 5 to 10 Dollar per month, if you invest 10 minutes per day. Without any referrals. If you invest more time, you will earn more, of course. But it should be fun too and if you claim 8 hours per day, it’s work and not fun anymore.

4. Use your time wiselyUse Time Wisely

There are a lot of Faucets out there. And by a lot, we really mean A LOT. The day though has only 24 hours, and most people only have 1 or 2 hours per day to claim from Faucets, do some PTC Ads or something else to earn Bitcoin with. That means, you should stick with the absolute best Faucets available. (Life) - Time is money and if you want to maximize your earnings, only use the best paying Crypto Faucets.


5. If it is too good to be true, it probably is

Sadly, there are not only a lot of Faucets, there are also a lot of scams out there. It can be really hard to distinguish between a real Faucet and a scam. As a general rule, always think "if it is too good to be true, it probably is". For example, if a Faucet promises you over 1000 Satoshis every day for only 5 minutes of clicking, it’s most likely a scam. Although there are really well paying Faucets out there, no site can pay that much without making a loss. There are also a lot of so called "Cloud Mining" sites out there and if you invest some Bitcoin, you get interest for it. Often, they promise you over 5 % per day or more. That’s just completely absurd. For example, if you invest 100 Satoshis and earn 5 % interest per day, you would have over 13000 Satoshis after 100 days, if you keep investing your interest every day. It’s just not possible for any company to earn that much. That means, it’s a scam and you should stay away.


6. Check a site before you invest timeCheck a Service before Signup

Before you start to use a site, make a quick google search and inform yourself about the site. There are a lot of sites that review Faucets (for example our site best-faucets.com or trustpilot.com). Just write "name of site" and "scam" in google and check, what other people say about the site.

Of course, reviews can be faked, but it gives you a good general idea what to expect of a site. You can’t be 100 % sure, but it’s better than nothing. And if a site is a clear scam, you will find a lot of people to inform you about it.

7. Try to get referrals for your favorite sites

Most Faucets offer a really high commission, if you refer people to it. We know that it’s really hard to get some referrals, but if you manage to find some active people, you will easily double your earnings for that site. There are a lot of different ways to make referrals, but probably the best and easiest way is to talk with your friends. If you think a Faucet is great, it should be easy to convince your friends to give it a try.  But NEVER annoy them or try to push them to try it. If they say no, accept it and move on. Nobody is going to try it if you just annoy them and you will most likely lose some friends. But if you manage to talk enthusiastically about Faucets, you will surely manage to convince some people to try it.

8. Keep it up and don’t switch Faucets all the time

That sounds like a no-brainer, but we see this a lot. Many people start with Faucets, register for 10 different sites, use them for a few days and then they just stop and try the next sites. That’s just a waste of time. It’s better to only register for 1 or 2 sites and then KEEP USING THEM. Don’t just use them for a few days and then change to other sites. Most sites offer you a bonus, if you keep using them and you can’t withdraw at most Faucets, it you don’t earn at least some Satoshis there. It’s sad to see many accounts with a few hundred Satoshis and they can’t withdraw them and they just forget about it. Don’t waste your time doing this.

9. Don’t gamble!Don't gamble!

Again, another no-brainer. Most Faucets offer some games to gamble with your hard earned Satoshis. Don’t do this. Long term, the house ALWAYS wins and you will lose money like this. Sure, if you are lucky, you can win more money, but if you do the math and calculate it, you will lose money in the long run. Even if you decide to gamble, inform yourself about the odds first. It varies from Faucet to Faucet, how much you can win and if you wanna gamble, use the best opportunity to do it. It matters a lot, if you win 1.9 times your money or 1.5 times your money for a 50/50 chance.

10. Inform yourself about Cryptocurrencies

There are a ton of different Cryptocurrencies out there. Most Faucets offer you Bitcoin, but there are also others for Dogecoin, Iota, Ethereum and a lot of others too. Before you start with Faucets, try to inform yourself about the different Cryptocurrencies and which you want to earn. Most people change their Coins to their favorite Cryptocurrency and hold them. If you are well educated about the differences and decide for a good Coin, the price will most likely rise and your Coins will be worth more. If you decide for a completely useless Coin and the worth of it goes down, so will your earnings. That’s why you should inform yourself about Cryptos and always read the news.

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