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Rating: 0,50
Operator: Ojooo Media GmbH
Country: Germany Germany
Languages: Chinese Dutch English German Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish
Start: 2010
Total Payouts: 15
Ref-Commision: Unknown
Minimum Age: Years
Earnings: Good
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: $6
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Ethereum Ethereum

Pro- and Contra for Ojooo

  • Ojooo is owned by a german company
  • Innovative Script
  • Millions of Members
  • SSL
  • PTC Ads need to stay in focus

Ojooo Review - What's Ojooo WAD?

Update February 2022: 
Unfortunately, we have noticed that since mid-February the internal area of Paid Clicks no longer works correctly. There has been no notification from the operators so far, earnings are no longer possible with paid ads. For this reason, we had to lower the rating from 4 stars to 0.5 stars. As soon as the area is working again, we will reset the rating. Until then, we advise against registration.

The site called Ojooo is a PTC site from germany. The site with the weird name offers mainly PTC ads, but you can also use one of the offerwalls. Ojooo works with a lot of different offerwalls, you can choose your favourite one to work with. Ojooo is operated by a german company and that's a real good thing. Germany has some strict laws, that means you know exactly who operates Ojooo, because it's illegal to publish a site without an inprint. There you can see exactly who is behind Ojooo. If Ojooo ever decides to scam you, you could even sue them. That's why it's really safe to use Ojooo, the chances that you get scammed are nearly zero. The site itself looks really modern and is quite intuitive. You are able to find everything you look for pretty easily. It's also available in a lot of different language, but it's pretty difficult to find how you can switch it. You have to scroll down to the footer and look in the right corner.

Ojooo switch language
Ojooo switch language

How can I earn Bitcoin at Ojooo?

We have to mention, that you just earn Dollar at Ojooo. But you can withdraw the money you earned in Bitcoin. Ojooo offers a lot of PTC ads, but frankly, they aren't that great. Most of the time the payment for them is just average, but the tab needs to stay in focus all the time. PTC ads are really tedious, if you can't do something else meanwhile. That's why the payment should be way higher, other sites offer the same payment, but you can do other things meanwhile or they just pay you more.

The other method to earn Bitcoin at Ojooo is to use some of their offerwalls. Ojooo works with a lot of different offerwalls, you will find some that you like. Keep in mind that if you encounter any problems with an offerwall, you have to contact the support from the offerwall directly. Ojooo can't help you with any problems regarding offerwalls.

Youtube-Video: Ojooo WAD Review + Tutorial (Honest Inside Look)

Ojooo also offers a feature called "Coin Flip". It's exactly what the name implies, you flip a coin and if you are right, you win 195 % of your bet. It's quite fair, but it's always the same with gambling. The house wins and if you calculate it long term, you will lose money. That's why we don't recommend to gamble. But if you decide to try it, you can be sure that Ojooo is fair. The laws in germany are really strict, if they try to cheat, they have to pay a hefty fee.

There is also a fun little thing called "Puzzle" at Ojooo. While watching a PTC ad it's possible that you see a piece of a puzzle. It's only visible for a few seconds and if you click on it gets added to your inventory. If you manage to finish a puzzle, you can win some prizes like an Iphone or vouchers for Amazon. You need to be lucky though, even if you finish a puzzle it's not guaranteed that you win.

Do I get something for referring people to Ojooo?

Sadly, we can't tell you, if it's worth your time to refer people to Ojooo because we don't know what you get as a reward. Ojooo doesn't tell you how high your commission is, that's really unusual. The offer a multitude of different banners and other stuff to advertise your referral link though, that's why we think that you get something as a commission, but we can't be sure. You can also rent referrals, but we can't tell you if it's worth your money or not. The only thing they tell you is, you have to be active to earn from referrals. Only if you watch some ads for a day will you get your commission.

Our conclusion for Ojooo

Ojooo is a nice site if you like to watch PTC ads. The payment is average, but it sucks that the ads need to stay in focus. That makes watching them really boring, but if you watch them carefully, you may be able to find some puzzle pieces and win a prize. It's really weird, that you have nearly no information about referrals except that you need to be active to earn from your referrals. Some more information would be really nice there. If Ojooo upgrades their payment a bit, it would be great. But we can still recommend the german site to everyone who wants to earn some Bitcoin watching some PTC ads. Even if it's not great, it's still good.

Payment Proof ojooo

Payment Proof ojooo

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