Earning Bitcoin for free - Basics

Earning Bitcoin for free
Earning Bitcoin for free

You are looking for services where you can earn Bitcoin for free? Whether money, points or crypto currencies? Then we have just the right thing for you, our list of services that allow you to pay out the accumulated sum in crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. We have put together this list especially for you, so that you can quickly and informatively discover and identify the appropriate providers.

For each service you will also find a detailed page with a detailed description. Very important, all providers presented here are definitely free! Please note, however, that you can only be paid out in crypto-currencies if you have previously created a wallet address in the corresponding crypto-currency.

We recommend you for the start Coinbase, the administration functions very simply and intuitively, a wallet address is besides in few moments put on and you can administrate and trade many different currencies on one platform. Check out our Quick-Guide for Starters.

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Mindmap Earning Bitcoin Process
Mindmap: Earning Bitcoin Process

In our diagram you can see how the process is and which accounts you need to earn free crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, with the help of the Internet and then manage them securely.

Coinbase always serves you as a base. To start with, you can also transfer money from your bank account or PayPal account to Coinbase and buy a few Bitcoin (or other currencies), but it's not a must, don't worry. If you want to collect Bitcoin (BTC), you can do it via direct providers, which later allow a direct withdrawal to Coinbase. Alternatively, you can also use interconnected networks of services that belong to the largest microwallets (Faucetpay is the largest network here). This step would be a further optimization so that you reach the payout limit even faster for a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Keyword payout: As soon as you have accumulated the required minimum number of BTC (Bitcoin) at a service, you can then withdraw. To do so, you have to enter your bitcoin account number from Coinbase at Faucetpay.

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