Crypto Paid To Click Services

Unfortunately, there have been many black sheep in the Paid to Click sector (also called PTC, PPC, C4C or Bux) over the years, we advise great caution, especially with international services. We also had to "learn the hard way", because some of them disappeared from one day to the next. Nevertheless there are of course positive exceptions and we have collected some of them here for you. With Pay-per-Click nobody gets rich but 3-10 US-Dollars per service are in the month. If you then participate as a user in promotions or surveys, the revenue can also be in double digits. In principle: With Bux pages you can earn money by working from home on your PC.

Crypto Services PTC-List

Rating Name Country Earnings Currencies Payout
Cointiply USA High Bitcoin Doge 0,0001 BTC 2017
Coinpayu USA High Bitcoin Doge Ethereum Litecoin 0,0001 2017
adbtc Russia High Bitcoin 0,00004 BTC to FaucetPay
0,00033 BTC directly to your wallet
Autofaucet Dutchycorp France Good Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge EOS Ethereum IOTA Litecoin Monero Ripple Stellar Tron Zcash 2018
Firefaucet India Good Bitcoin Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Tron Zcash depends on the cryptocurrency 2018
Grabtc Brazil Good Bitcoin 0,00005 BTC to FaucetPay, 0,0002 to wallet 2020
Ojooo Germany Good Bitcoin Ethereum $6 2010
Picoworkers USA Middle Litecoin $5.4 2013
Claimbits USA Middle Bitcoin 0,00004 for Faucetpay 0,0002 directly to your wallet 2019
Yannik Germany Good Bitcoin IOTA 0,0003 BTC or 0,0001 IOTA 2015
neobux Portugal Middle Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Litecoin $2 2008
Koiniom USA Good Bitcoin Dash Doge Ethereum 0.000015 BTC 2016
Goldenfaucet Philippines Good Bitcoin BTC 0.00001 2018
ESFaucet Canada Middle Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Stellar Tron Zcash depends on the cryptocurrency 2019
Bitclix Turkey Low Bitcoin 0,00001 2018
BTC-Clicks Brazil Very Low Bitcoin 0,0001 2013

Important before registration

Before you decide to register with an international Paid to Click service (Bux), you should create a wallet in your cryptocurrency (if not already done) We recommend Coinbase, here you can get paid in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency (if it is listed on coinbase).