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Rating: 3,00
Operator: Unknown
Country: Russia Russia
Language: English
Start: 2018
Total Payouts: 1
Ref-Commision: 10%
Minimum Age: Years
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Earnings: Low
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: 0,0002
Currency: Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash
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Pro- and Contra for Adbch

  • No fee for withdrawing
  • low minimum amount to withdraw
  • Is easy to use
  • PTC ads don’t need to stay in focus
  • Low payment
  • Owner stays anonymous

What is Adbch? Adbch Review - Scam or Legit?

Adbch sounds like Adbtc, one of our favorite PTC sites. Be aware, this two sites are not related, as far as we know. Nevertheless, Adbch looks nearly the same and it also works really well. If you like Adbtc, give Adbch a shot. The main difference is the cryptocurrency. At Adbch, you earn Bitcoin Cash. The payment is also lower than at Adbtc, but it’s still worth your time.

You can withdraw your money to Payeer, FaucetPay or directly to your wallet and the minimum amount to withdraw depends on it. We recommend that you withdraw to FaucetPay, the money you need to withdraw is easily achievable and you don’t need to work for months until you can withdraw.

The design of the site is quite simple, but it works well, is not plastered with ads and it’s really easy to use. Like that, earning money is quite fun. The domain is registered since 2018 and it’s located in Russia. As usual, we couldn’t find out any more information about the owner.

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How can you earn Bitcoin Cash at Adbch?

Adbch is a PTC site, that means your main source of income are the ads. You click on the ads, watch them for a few second and then you get paid. Keep in mind that the ads don’t need to stay in focus, that means you can do other stuff while you wait. Like this, you can easily use more PTC sites at once. Just open the ad, switch to another site, open the ad, and so on. As soon as the timer is at 0, click on the next ad. Really easy to use and you won’t get bored while you have to wait.

PTC-Ads on

The site also offers a few offerwalls, but they aren’t anything special. You can do some surveys or other stuff, mostly not worth your time. Also keep in mind, that if you encounter any problems with an offerwall, you have to contact the admin of the offerwall. Adbch can’t help you with any problems at their offerwalls.

Shortlinks on

Shortlinks are another way to earn Bitcoin Cash at Adbch, but just don’t. Don’t use them. They pay for them is abysmal and it’s a complete waste of time. They are more work and only pay around 20 % of their PTC ads. Don’t waste your time doing them. If you like shortlinks, try other sites like Firefaucet, they pay you better.

There are also some Active Window Ads. Like the name implies, you have to watch an ad, but the window needs to stay in focus. There are very, very few Active Window Ads available, and they aren’t paying great either.

We recommend, that you only use Adbch for their PTC ads. Anything else is not really worth your time.

Of course, we already got paid more than once at Adbch. That’s why we can say for sure it’s not a scam, the payment always arrives really quickly and without any problems

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How high is the referral commission?

Adbch offers you 10 % commission, if you are able to refer some people to it. It’s not that much, but it also offers you 5 % of everything your referral spends, if he spends some money on advertisements. That can potentially be really great, if you manage to get some big spenders as referrals. Of course, that’s quite difficult, but it pays you pretty well then.

Referal Market

There is also a market for referrals, where you can buy referrals. The price depends on the referral, if you are lucky, you can buy some very good referrals and you get your money back really quickly. Of course, if you are unlucky, you buy a referral and he just stops earning at Adbch after a few days. That’s why you should check out, when the referral registered and if he is still active to this day. If he is active since 2020, you can be pretty sure, that he will still be active in a few months.

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Our conclusion for

Adbch is a copy of Adbtc. No need to deny it, it also looks nearly the same. In our opinion, that’s not a bad thing. Adbtc is a great site, if you copy it, you also have a great site. The only real downside is the payment. Adbtc just pays way better. Some ads pay more than twice the amount you can earn at Adbch. Does that make Adbch a waste of time? Absolutely not. It’s just that Adbtc payment is just way too good. Adbch is still a great site to use. It’s easy to use, you don’t need to keep the ads in focus, you reach the minimum amount to withdraw really fast and it pays you without any problems. Overall, it’s a good site and you should give it a try.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof
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