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Rating: 3,00
Operator: unknown
Country: Singapore Singapore
Language: English
Start: 2023
Total Payouts: 1
Ref-Commision: 1 Level (5% - 10%)
Minimum Age: Years
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Claim Time (in min): 4 min.
Earnings: Low
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Currency: Bitcoin Bitcoin
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Pro- and Contra for Btcadspace

  • SSL encryption
  • Clear design
  • Well suited for beginners
  • PTC clicks do not have to be actively open
  • Very low payout limit
  • Two factor authentication possible
  • Few advertisements
  • Wenige Verdienstmöglichkeiten
  • Betreiber unbekannt
  • Nur eine Sprache

What's BTCAdSpace?

BTCAdSpace is a faucet that was launched in November 2020 and we dared to test it. On a positive note, we have already received two payouts to our micro-wallet at Faucetpay. The payout limit is just 15 Satoshi and can therefore be reached with a few Faucet claims or ad clicks. Above all, the design of the site is pleasant. Clarity and clarity characterise the structure of the site and advertisements are restrained. The opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies are limited, but BTCAdspace is still worthwhile for some users.

How can you earn money on BTCAdSpace?

Unsurprisingly, BTCAdSpace offers a faucet for earning cryptocurrencies. The principle is the same as other faucets, just like the principle of ads-click or even shortlinks. However, the earnings cannot be selected between different cryptocurrencies. Everything is paid out directly in Bitcoin. The options for earning Bitcoins are clearly displayed in the top menu after logging in.

The reload time and the payment vary for the Faucet. Sometimes the Faucet can be claimed every five minutes with earnings of one Satoshi, sometimes every four minutes with earnings of 1-3 Satoshi or even every 15 minutes with earnings of one to five Satoshi. However, the current remuneration system is always displayed transparently directly on the faucet.

Claim Rewards Btcadspace
Claim Rewards Btcadspace

In addition to the Faucet, you can click on advertisements (Ads), which are remunerated with up to four Satoshi. The great advantage of the ads is that the window does not have to remain actively open. You can therefore surf on other pages while the ad clock is running down or, of course, view another ad on another faucet. This means that BTCAdSpace can be combined very well with other Faucets and users can, so to speak, double their profits. However, errors do occur from time to time and ads do not work. We recommend simply trying out the next ad; unfortunately, refreshing the page as indicated in the help does not always work.

The shortlinks also work according to the familiar principle. We particularly liked the provider Linksfly. The clarity is great and users are not overloaded with advertising. After clicking, you land on a page with different advertising banners. There are a total of six steps to complete in order to receive the payment. You can find the button for the individual steps a little further down. The steps or quasi tasks are either to keep the page open for 15 seconds, to click on a banner and keep it open for 15 seconds or to verify yourself as a human being by means of a captcha code.

Linksfly Btcadspace
Linksfly Btcadspace

Offerwall at BTCAdSpace

In addition to the Faucet, Ad Clicks and Shortlinks, there is an Offerwall. Currently there are three providers: CPX, TimeWall and Bitlabs. Basically, the Offerwall is organised like any other Paid4 provider or Faucet. For most users, the offerwalls are therefore completely familiar.

Referal Comissions

The Faucet provider BTCAdSpace offers a refee level. By recruiting new users, Bitcoins can be earned passively. The remunerations are adapted to the different ways of earning. The faucet claim of a referral is remunerated with 10%, while the offerwalls and shortlinks are only remunerated with 5%. The referral statistics and your own referral link can be found a little further down on the homepage.

Referal Comissions
Referal Comissions


The payout is of course in Bitcoin and directly to a Faucetpay wallet. The withdrawal limit is 15 Satoshi, which is quite low. Basically, the payout limit can be reached directly after registration in a few minutes with a faucet claim and clicking the ads. This definitely makes the provider BTCAdSpace more reputable. Unfortunately, the payout does not work automatically, so the bitcoins do not land directly on the Faucetpay wallet, but the payout must be carried out manually. However, the payouts have never taken longer than 24 hours.

Btcadspace legit or scam with proof of withdraw.


BTCAdSpace is still a rather young Faucet provider. Perhaps that's why the opportunities to earn Bitcoins are small. We are curious to see whether the operators will create more opportunities to earn. On the other hand, the site scores with a clear and modern design and little advertising. This makes BTCAdSpace especially interesting for beginners in the faucet and crypto world. But experienced users can also enjoy the ads, which do not have to be actively open in the browser. This makes it possible to combine BTCAdSpace wonderfully with other providers who have the condition that the ads must be actively open. Due to the low payout limit, we can recommend BTCAdSpace to everyone to try out the website. However, the remuneration of mostly one Satoshi per claim is unfortunately low.

Payment Proof Btcadspace:

Payment Proof Btcadspace
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