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Rating: 3,50
Operator: unknown
Country: USA USA
Languages: English French German Polish Portuguese Spanish Swedish
Start: 2020
Ref-Commision: 5% - 30%
Minimum Age: 13 Years
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Earnings: Good
Captcha: No
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: 5,00
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Doge Doge, Ethereum Ethereum, Litecoin Litecoin
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Pro- and Contra for Freecash

  • Unique script and layout
  • Several million already paid out
  • Multilingual
  • Active chat
  • Low payout limit
  • Variety of payout options
  • Innovative provider
  • Registration possible from 13
  • SSL
  • Many well-known surveys and oferwall providers
  • Trustpilot Reviews
  • Limited earning possibilities
  • No individual possibility to earn money

Freecash is a platform from the USA on which money can be earned by completing surveys and performing small tasks. The payment is made in internal coins with a fixed exchange rate of 1€Cent to 10 coins. The layout of the website is modern and characterised by bright colours on a dark background. This and the structure are reminiscent of Faucet providers of cryptocurrencies. Freecash does not offer a faucet, but there are various withdrawal options for cryptocurrencies, in addition to the option to withdraw the money earned via PayPal.

Earning money with Freecash

The first opportunity to earn money with Freecash is directly after registration, when new users select a box. There is a chance to win up to $250. Of course, this chance is small, but at least 5 cents is guaranteed. If you earn 1,000 coins within 48 hours, you get three more crates to open, giving you the chance to win big. The 1,000 coins are quickly earned by completing surveys.

Signup Bonus Freecash
Signup Bonus Freecash

The Freecash platform offers two basic ways to earn money. In addition, a passive income can be built up by advertising referrals. For the completion of surveys, Freecash works with three external partner companies that are also known from other Paid4 platforms. Since the coins have a fixed conversion value, it is possible to see transparently how much a survey is paid. The second way to earn money is through offerwalls, where you can earn money by downloading apps, playing paid games or registering on other websites. The choice here is very large, but very clearly laid out via the left-hand menu on the website. The menu item "Earn" offers a general overview of the possibilities to earn money, while the menu item "Offers" clearly lists the different types of tasks.

Refs and Rewards

Freecash offers a ref level with up to 30% ref rewards. This is a very high value, but can only be reached after some time. Over 10 levels, active advertisers reach the high ref reward of 30%. The respective levels are based on the referral earnings and increase the percentage with each new level. For example, $10 referral earnings are required for the second level or $2,500 and $300 referral earnings in the last 30 days for the seventh level. In return, level 7 is already rewarded with a 15% referral fee. Especially active advertisers with many active referrals are rewarded with Freecash.

Ref Affiliates Freecash
Ref Affiliates Freecash

With 1,000 earned coins per day, there is a reward that increases with each additional day of activity. The reward can even be used to play and thereby significantly increase the amount of coins earned. Of course, this also entails a possible risk of loss.

Special features and payout

The chat on the right-hand side is a special feature of Freecash. There is a very active exchange in German about Freecash and ways to earn money. So you are not alone on this site.
The payout options are also unique. In addition to Paypal, payouts via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin are also possible. Even a payout via a cryptocasino is offered with a bonus of 15% on the payout amount. We are particularly pleased that a withdrawal via the microwallet provider FaucetPay is also possible, which we have already tested here and given the highest rating. Crypto payouts are already possible from $0.5, the Paypal payout from $5. Unfortunately, there is a 5% fee here.

Payment Options Freecash
Payment Options Freecash

Furthermore, a payout via vouchers or game skins is also possible. Vouchers are available from the various large online shops or for your own VISA credit card. It is also unusual that items, skins and currencies for games such as Fortnite or Roblox can be bought on Freecash.

FreeCash Review - Is This Site Legit & Does It Pay Well Or Not? (Must Watch)...


Freecash stands out above all for its design and the very active chat. However, the opportunities to earn money are relatively limited and not very individual. Although the offers for surveys and offerwalls are generally very diverse, the providers are also known from other websites. What Freecash lacks is an individual earning option to set itself apart from other Paid4 platforms. What we do notice positively, however, is the active chat, which allows users to quickly get help from other users. We also rate positively that there are diverse and individual options for paying out the money earned.

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