12 Payments received from bitcoin services


Thank you for paying!
We received our bitcoins - thank you

We can currently recommend these services...

We are especially pleased to inform you today that in the last days and weeks of 12 requested payouts, we have actually been paid out 12 times successfully.

With this we would like to prove once again that the sites listed here work seriously and pay out demonstrably. Of course you can never give a guarantee but we try our best to recommend only those services that really pay out.

You can find more information about the services on the detail pages if you follow the links.


Banner Faucetpay

The following bitcoin faucets have successfully paid us:

Claimbits (less than 24 hours)
Firefaucet (less than 24 hours)
Satoshi Hero (less than 24 hours)
Moon Bitcoin (1 day)
Moon Cash (1 day)
Moon Dash (1 day)
Moon Litecoin (1 day)
Cointiply (1 day)
Free Litecoin (2 days)
Coinpayu (2 days)
adbtc (3 days)
Bitclix (6 days)


a) In parentheses the waiting time after request until arrival on our wallet.
b) The Moon services all operate from a common microwallet called Coinpot, so we have always received payouts from Coinpot and not from the services themselves.
c) You will find a screenshot of each payment on the service website.

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