ASIC-Miner Definition - What is an ASIC-Miner?

What is an ASIC-Miner?

ASIC means Application-Specific-Integrated-Circuit (ASIC). An ASIC Miner is a special hardware chip that has been designed for a specific task.

For example... ASIC Miner for Bitcoin only calculates hashes for the block chain of Bitcoin. Since these devices provide much more power than a normal computer, only such specialized hardware is used for mining.

For the most part, only large mining farms with hundreds or even thousands of ASIC miners at a time are used for mining. These are often located in China or sustainable countries like Iceland, because of the electricity prices, as the electricity prices are very cheap there.

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When electricity costs are very high

In European countries, however, electricity costs are usually very high. A mining farm would therefore be difficult to make a profit in Germany. Even normal mining from the PC at home is only worthwhile for very specific crypto currencies, as there are no worthwhile ASIC miners for some crypto currencies.

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