What are Airdrops Cryptocurrencies
What are Airdrops Cryptocurrencies?

What are Airdrops Cryptocurrencies

An Airdrop is nothing more than a gift that falls from the sky. And that then in the form of a credit, these are done especially in the area of crypto currencies again and again. Usually, new crypto currencies are given away at the beginning to reach many users quickly to draw attention to themselves. Unfortunately many Airdrops are worthless, because the crypto currency behind them does not offer any added value compared to other currencies and has no value.

Since it is very easy to create a crypto currency, there are unfortunately very many currencies (tendency rising). Most of them will never be able to establish themselves and will never be used. Nevertheless, the operators try Airdrops, however, these are mostly a waste of time, because the user receives Coins, with a few cents in value.

At this point we would like to introduce you to the so-called faucets. There everyone has the possibility to get a small amount of the crypto currency for free by a claim. Depending upon desire and mood can come by clicking and Claimen likewise smaller amounts together, who would like to know more, here the detailed explanation to Faucets + offerer.

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There are current Airdrops offers with Coinbase

We recommend you go to one of the absolute top dogs on the market -> Coinbase. Here you can find on a subpage current Airdrops with a total value of several US-Dollars. I myself have already received more than 40 US-Dollars in crypto-currencies as a gift. At Coinbase you only have to have an account, watch a few explanatory videos in English (for a few minutes, you can even learn something) and then you will immediately get the advertised crypto currency credited.

When Airdrops pay off...
But there are always Airdrops, which are also worthwhile. Most of the time even an amount over 20 US dollars. This is actually quite decent, considering that the work for the registration took only 5 minutes. An example of the Airdrop offer for Stellar can be found here.

Youtube Video - What are Airdrops Cryptocurrencies in 3 MINUTES

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