How to make money with Bitcoin?

How to make money with Bitcoin
How to make money with Bitcoin

There are a lot of different ways to make money with Bitcoin. We will show you the most common ones and tell you the good and bad sides of these methods.

1. Claim from Faucets

Before you can make money with Bitcoin, you have to earn some Bitcoin. It's a good idea to earn some free Bitcoin from great Faucets like the Moon Faucets (Moon BitcoinBonus BitcoinBitFun, etc...) or graBTC. Of course you can use whatever Faucet you want. You can also earn some Bitcoin from sites that offer Microtasks or PTC ads. This way you can start to earn your first few Satoshis. Claiming from Faucets can be time consuming, but it can easily be done while doing other stuff like watching a series or something else.

2. Buy Bitcoin from an exchange

If you don't want to earn from Faucets, because you don't have enough time, you can also decide to directly buy some Bitcoins from an exchange. There are a lot of different exchanges and before you buy Bitcoin, you have to watch out for two things. First, you need to make sure that you only buy from a legitimate exchange. Sadly, there are a lot of scams out there and you should only buy Bitcoin from a site, when you are 100 % sure that this site is legit and doesn't scam you. Second, you need to research different prices and fees. The worth of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot and every exchange has it's own prize. That means, you have to calculate exactly, how many Bitcoins you get for your money from a site. Also calculate the fees. Like this, you will know which site offers you the most Bitcoin for your money. You can easily lose a few percent of your money, if you don't watch out for this.

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3. HODL or sell your Bitcoin

As soon as you have your Bitcoins, you need to do something with them to make money with Bitcoin. You can do 2 different things with your Bitcoin. You can decide to hold them, that's also called HODL and wait until the price of Bitcoin rises. Or if you think that the worth of Bitcoin will go down, you can decide to sell your Bitcoin. It's a though decision to make, so feel free to read different articles from experts to inform you about the current news about Bitcoin. You can also read our News, we will tell you as soon as something urgent comes up with Bitcoin.

4. Don't get scammed

That's not exactly a way to make money with Bitcoin, but it's also important, because you can't do anything with your Bitcoin if you get scammed and lose them. Please don't invest in so called "Cloud Mining Services" that promises you insane interest like 10 % per day. Also never invest in "Bitcoin Doublers". They promise you to double your Bitcoin after 24 hours if you send them your Bitcoin. You will never see them again and will lose them forever. Just think for a few seconds, why should anybody double your Bitcoin? Exactly, there is no reason for anybody to do this, they just want to scam you. We will also tell you regularly about new scams, so keep yourself updated by reading our latest news.

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