Earning Bitcoin

Earning Bitcoin without Investment
Earning Bitcoin without Investment

You are interested in earning Bitcoin and want to easily obtain some Bitcoin for free? That's a good idea, we will help you with that. There are different methods to earn Bitcoins, mainly there are 3 different ones.

  1. Faucets
  2. PTC Sites
  3. Paid Surfing
  4. Buy Bitcoin at a market (exchange)

All 3 methods will give you Bitcoin, the first 3 have the advantage that you don't need to invest money, just time. That means, even if the value of Bitcoin goes down to zero, you just lose time and no money. And if the price keeps going higher, you will also profit from it. It's a win/win situation, if you start earning Bitcoins for free.

Of course, you can also buy Bitcoin, but you need to invest a lot of money to make it worthwhile. If you want to buy Bitcoin for a low amount like 2 Dollar, the fees will be nearly as high as the amount of Bitcoins you get. That means, buying Bitcoin is a bad idea if you don't want to invest at least 100 Dollar or more. If you just want to posess some Bitcoin out of curiosity, it's a better idea to try earning Bitcoin with faucets or PTC sites. We show you best faucets and PTC sites.

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Easiest way to get Bitcoins

The easiest way to earn some Bitcoins are faucets. A faucet is a site with lots of advertisments. You just visit the site and click claim and you get a few Satoshis. Sometimes, you have to click on a shortlink or wait a few seconds, that depends on the faucet. By the way, 1 Bitcoin equals 100 million Satoshis. Of course, you won't get rich with faucets. But if you keep claiming everyday, you can easily earn a few Dollar every month in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Another easy way to get Bitcoin is to buy some Bitcoins at an exchange. But as stated before, you should invest at least 100 Dollar because the fees can be quite high.

How to get free Bitcoin?

It's really easy to get free Bitcoin with faucets and PTC sites. Above, you already learned how a faucet works and we will also show you how to get free Bitcoin with PTC sites.

On most PTC sites, you need to do some simple tasks like watch advertisments, search for a specific keyphrase on google or comment a video on youtube or subscribe to a channel to get some free Bitcoin. Sometimes, you have to proof that you did the task with some screenshots and then you get paid. But that depends on the PTC site, you will find a list with the best faucets and PTC sites to earn free Bitcoin here on best-faucets.com. You will also find an exact explanation of each site and if you need help with any sites, feel free to send us a mail. By the way, you can also get free Bitcoin here at best-faucets. If you are interested, you should read this.

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