Interview with the operators of ESFaucets


Screenshot ESFaucet
Screenshot ESFaucet

Today we have something special for you. Everybody knows about popular Faucets, but only few people know about the guys behind these Faucets. It’s an honor for us to present you our first Interview with ESFaucets. We hope, that this gives you a little bit of insight. Question: Why did you decide to make a Faucet?

ESFaucet: Before we started the faucet, we were active on many different types of other faucets, we realized either they were scams, everyone running the same script with no user experience improvement. Also, most importantly the customer service and transparency was lacking so we decided to make one ourselves where we take regular user inputs, try to maintain a great customer service and provide users with actual earnings. 

BF: Is the script for ESFaucet made by you or did you buy it?

ESFaucet: The whole thing is developed by our small team of developers and we got help where we needed it to make sure it is working properly for our users. 

BF: Do you earn money with it or is it more of a hobby?

ESFaucet: This is more of a side hobby, but we are slowly trying to build Euryalos Studios into a company that would be profitable. 

BF: The navigation at ESFaucets is a bit weird. For example, if you click on "Earn" -> "Videos" you get redirected to a subsite. Why did you decide to split your Faucet in parts?

ESFaucet: Yes, Es-Faucets was getting very crowded and we wanted a separate website for people who just wanted to do Offers (which are usually high paying) or click on Paid to click ads without having to deal with the busy nature of a faucet website So we made a different clean website called

BF: I checked your Youtube-Channel. You have some really cool and well made Videos there. But other videos are really hard to watch.

ESFaucet: Yes lol. Youtube channel is a bit of an experiment, We have many different features on our website so we wanted to put videos on youtube to help users navigate the website properly. Many videos were paid for and those are the one you see with a professional touch and others our staff give it a staff the one not so professional as you might say. So that's why the discrepancies in the video and audio quality on our channel. 

Are there any questions you want to ask ESFaucets? Or do you have questions for our next interview? Feel free to tell us exactly, what you want to know and we try to ask your questions in our next interview.

Till then, we wish you high earnings :-)

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