Pi-Network - The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone


Screenshot of Website Pi-Network
Screenshot of Website Pi-Network

The Pi Network is the network behind a new cryptocurrency behind Pi. Is is pretty new and it is not fully released yet, but we still wanted to tell you about it. Why? Because it is made by some very knowledgeable people from Stanford University.

Today, it is pretty easy to publish your own cryptocurrency and every day, new cryptocurrencies show up, but most of them just suck. They don't offer any new ideas or solve a problem. They purely exist, because someone wanted to earn some easy money with it. But the Pi Network has a vision and that's why we decided to tell you about it early.

The mastermind behind Pi is Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, he researches different topics regarding Social Computing and he teaches courses about Blockchains. Of course, we just don't believe such things without checking them, so we went to the offical site of Stanford university and checked it. It is true, he really works at Stanford and he really is the head of technology for the Pi Network. He created the Pi Network together with Dr. Chengdiao Fan and Vincent McPhillip.

What is the Pi Network?

The Pi Network is an app for smartphones where you have to sign in to earn some Pi. After 24 hours, you have to sign in again. You need to do this to show the app, that you are a human being and not a bot. If you invite other people and add them to your circle of trust, you earn more Pi. The Pi Network is validated by its users and the bigger your circle of trust is, the more you can contribute to the community.

The vision behind it is to create a big community and establish Pi for payments without the need to mine and use a lot of valuable ressources for it. Another problem with other cryptocurrencies is, that some really rich people bought a lot of them and now they control the market. With Pi, every user can only have one device, so everyone has the same power in the network. If you are interested, make sure to read the Whitepaper. It is very interesting and the ideas behind it are great and we fully support that vision.

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If you want to test the Pi Network, you can download it with your smartphone, it's called "Pi Network". After installing the app, you have to setup your account and then you can start to earn. If you invite other people, you will earn more Pi. You can also add your referrals to your security circle, but only do this if you know them personally. You contribute to the security of the network with your security circle, if you just add people in it without knowing them, you can send false information to the blockchain, if one person in your security circle is a bot.

The team from Stanford plans to release a software for the Computer soon. With that software, you can setup your own Node and help to secure the Blockchain for Pi and make it even more secure. The software isn't released yet, we will inform you in a news as soon as it is released.

Download the App

If you download the app and install it, feel free to insert our name, when you get asked "Who invited you?". Please enter ShantiMe in the field Invitation code. If you do this, you get added to our Earning Team and together, we can contribute to the vision of Pi.

Of course, we can't say for sure that Pi will ever be worth something. But we firmly believe in the vision of Pi and we want to support it as much as we can.

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