Bitcoin and Faucet News December 2020


Bitcoin is rising
Picture from Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay

New all time high

Bitcoin has made it. It has finally reached a new all time high and it’s currently worth more than 22000 Dollar. It would be easy to say, that Bitcoin has finally made a big comeback, but that’s not entirely true.

Sure, Bitcoin has reached a new peak, but meanwhile, other assets like the Dow Jones has also reached a new record. That means, the only thing proven now is, that Bitcoin is recognized as a good thing to invest in. Currently, a lot of nations produce new money, that’s why inflation is rising. Investors are seeking new opportunities to buy and they bought a lot of Bitcoin. That’s why the price is going up and we think, it will continue to rise.

Right now, an investment in Bitcoin would be risky, but it’s also risky too invest in stocks right now. That’s why we keep claiming Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from Faucets and hope, that the price of Bitcoin keeps going up.

Blockchain technology has other good uses too

Steve Wozniak, known from Apple, started a new company. He wants to change the energy market completely and for this, he plans to use the blockchain technology. The name of his new company is Efforce. He also released a new Token called WOZX-Token and in just 7 days, the prize went from 1,48 Dollar to 2,15 Dollar. That shows, that the blockchain is a powerful tool, that can improve a lot of businesses and it will continue to do so in the future.

JPMorgan compares Bitcoin to Gold

One of the worlds biggest banks, JPMorgan, released a statement and they said, that Bitcoin is a strong competitor to Gold. Since then, a lot of investors decided to invest their money in funds related to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin always wanted to be the digital gold and it seems, the first step towards this goal is done.

Bitcoin becomes more popular in Nigeria

The people in Nigeria already use Bitcoin quite a lot. Since 2015, over 60000 Bitcoin have been traded by Nigerians and it’s getting more popular by the day. Even the government of Nigeria plans to introduce some regulations for Bitcoin. They plan to accept Cryptocurrencies as securities, that would be a huge step forward for the legitimacy of Cryptos. By the way, Paxful, an online trading platform for Cryptocurrencies shows, that only the United Kingdom has a higher trading volume than Nigeria.

FireFaucet adds Tether

FireFaucet, one of of best Faucets out there, has added Tether as a new Cryptocurrency. FireFaucet also made another big change for the future. In their news from 5th Dec, they wrote the following:

"We have changed the internal management of your balance to USD instead of the respective cryptocurrency. This change was important and has been done to improve FireFaucet and remain sustainable in the long run. With this we'll be able to scale FireFaucet and introduce more cryptocurrency support in the future. More details on this will be available on the withdrawals page."

We think, that’s a long needed change, because else, FireFaucet will go bankrupt, if the worth of Bitcoin keeps rising. With this, FireFaucet can still operate in the future and will hopefully give us a lot of free Bitcoins.

anner Crypto Junkie

CoinPayU has reached 1 Million user

End of November, CoinPayU managed to reach 1 Million Users. That’s a real achievement and we congratulate the owner of CoinPayU on their success. That shows, that you can earn money with cryptocurrencies and that a lot of people are interested in earning free Bitcoin.

Coinbase plans IPO

Coinbase is the biggest trading platform for cryptocurrencies in the USA and now they are planning an IPO. Details are yet unknown, but some investors said, that Coinbase is currently worth over 8 Billion Dollar. It’s possible, that their stocks will rise pretty high directly at release, if Bitcoin keeps climbing higher and higher. We are curious to see, what the market thinks about Coinbase and how much the public is willing to pay for the stocks.

Merry christmas

We, the team from Best-Faucets, wish you a merry christmas and we hope, that you are staying safe in this difficult times. We also wish you high earnings from Faucets and please remember, if you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you out :-)

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